26.03.2014  Changes
There are small changes in the structure of the site. Since I'm not shooting Industrial stuff anymore due to the lack of time (and maybe interest) I've decided to change the album's purpose for something that represents my current works. Right now you can find Commerical works that I'm doing for design studios. The shots are mainly for wine labels but there will definitely more diversity to this section as I'm working in the domain for some time now. So enjoy the shots and contact the studios if you want quality design.
19.09.2013  Some new photos
Some of the site's sections have been updated with new photos, mostly from the 2013 summer period, which turned out rather fruitful. During the last year I began doing a lot of product photography, mainly wine labels, so it's very likely that there will be a new section on this site or a less populated one transformed to serve a new purpose. Until then - enjoy the pictures!
28.01.2013  Hosting problems
I intended to make a little update here several weeks ago when I found out that my site is down completely. The hosting service had some server disk issues, which killed several thousand sites, including mine. Fortunately, they had backups and I don't post here that often, so they've restored it over time. But for several weeks it was really hard to open this site. Hopefully, they've finished putting it all back up, and I won't see a 404 error instead of my site again. Check the galleries for more fresh works and the contacts section for places where I'm more prompt with updates.
08.10.2012  Yearly update
A mail I got from hosting reminded me that I actually have a site that needs to be updated :) It was a year since I'v updated the photos here last time and some things have changed in my life. Photography-wise, I switched over to the Canon camp and by far I'm pleased with this decision. Too bad I don't have the time to fulfill all my ideas and another season has already passed with only a half of the shoots I intended to take. You can find a little glimpse of the results in various sections of this site. Yet, for more regular updates make sure to check my social network pages, since it's much easier and faster for me to update them.
14.04.2011  A friendly reminder
... that I'm still alive and well, despite the quite rare updates on this site. I'm alive and well, and the past year was quite busy for me in terms other than photography. It may seem like I've given up taking pictures but in fact I'm on a prolonged vacation with my camera, being busy with tons of other things and waiting for a bit of inspiration. Today I'm doing a little update and make sure to come back again to see if I've added something without announcing it on the main page.
07.04.2010  Moldovan democracy
This day only a year ago our country was the subject of news headlines all over the world for its "democratic manifestations", during which the Presidency and Parliament buildings were vandalized by "politically active citizens". And today the new government is celebrating this "act of popular will". Good for them. I'm just writing to let you know that I've uploaded a couple of shots from the previous shoots, I did during the last months. Winter was a pretty down season in terms of photography, but spring is already here and booking new shoots. Keep an eye out for them!
11.09.2009  Fall is here
Some galleries of the site have been updated with new photos from the last couple of months. It was a hectic summer with virtually no time to spend on photography, but I still managed to do some shoots. Hope that fall will be much easier from that perspective. There will be more nature shots for sure!
04.07.2009  Happy Independence Day!)))
First of all, want to greet my fellow American visitors and wish a good Independence Day :)

I got from a short trip to Moscow and Kiev recently and there are some pictures uploaded here I did during this journey. Don't expect any tourist photos, just the typical portrait stuff I'm known for :) Enjoy!
10.05.2009  Hoya contest winner + updates
Two weeks ago I was informed that one of my infrared photos has made it to the top of the Hoya-sponsored photo contest that took place at the popular Russian photo source - Photosight.ru! You can see the work (2nd one) and runners up here - http://www.photosight.ru/contests/118/

Some sections of the gallery have been updated with new works, so make sure to check them. If you want to see more works and regular updates from my shootings, visit my Livejournal page, the link to which you can find in the Contacts section of the site.
20.02.2009  Updates
There have been some updates in the sections of the site, so you are welcome to check out some fresh additions in my works.

Besides, I am now a proud owner of a Pentax K20D and a Tamron 90mm 2.8 Macro. Nice piece of equipment, which I'm looking forward to expand and improve in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates!
07.12.2008  Kirill-Kirillov.com is now open!!!
Finally, after a couple of months working on this project, I'm more than happy to welcome you at my personal photography site! Here you will find some of my works in different styles that I'm exploring, as well as get frequent updates and fresh works from yours truly.

I can't thank enough Yuri Portnyh who helped me a lot with this project and made it become a reality! Thank you!

So come on in and take a closer look on the world through my eyes. I hope you will find it fascinating.