• Kirill Kirillov
    Based in Chisinau, Moldova since 2006
  • Portrait Photography
    Expressing natural beauty through photo
  • Product Photography
    Tasty visuals for all kinds of products
  • Landscape Photography
    Nature and city landscapes
  • Conceptual Photography
    Conceptual and themed photos

Hello! I'm Kirill "Kirillov" Zmurciuk, a freelance Photographer.

Living in the cozy country of Moldova, my main specialty is portrait, product and conceptual photography.


From minimalist portraits to full-blown commercial setups, I always find a way to depict the required subject through photography.


In my opinion the best retouch is the one you don't notice - it has to be natural and unobtrussive. But that requires as much time and skill as any other type of post-production.


Although my main venue for visual creativity is photography, I also work as a videographer on occasions when a more dynamic picture is needed.


Apart from visual arts I'm also heavily involved in writing various types of music, ranging from commercial jingles to experimental soundtracks and heavy metal riffs.

Customer Testimonials

Our first shoot was about 6-7 years ago and we've worked several times more since then. I can say with utter confidence that Kirill is a true professional! He's always easy to work with. No need for too many words - and we end up with great photos.Katrin Cioban - Beauty of Moldova
Our company has been working with Kirill for several years now, and our collaboration is characterized by perfect understanding of our common goal. Having a precise vision of the task at hand and Kirill's professional approach, we, as clients, are always confident in the outcome of our projects. Working with him, we can always count on reliability and stability when it comes to creating worthy visuals for each of our works.43oz.com
Let's work together and you'll like the results.