Who is Kirill Kirillov?

Thoughout the years I've been posting my works under various monikers - Kirill Kirillov, Hidden Hallow, Kirill Zmurciuk - often being confused by them myself. But regardless of the name, my only goal was to produce interesting and enthralling images with a distinct vision. And this is the goal I stay true to.

I've started out doing photography rather gradually during the mid-00's and have been building up my skills and experience since then. While I never had the goal of becomming a full-time photographer who would grab any type of work he can lay his hands on, at a certain point I found myself doing commercial product photography and loving it. All the while having an ever-expanding porfolio of portrait, band and landscape photos I've always enjoyed doing. This allowed me to enjoy every project I got involved in and give it my best. And I really enjoy a creative challenge regardless of the style or type of work I'm presented with.

You're always welcome to contact me and inquire about any type of photography you're interested in. Whether a model lookbook, band promo or product shoot I always strive to offer flexible terms and affordable pricing. If you're interested in doing commercial product photos, your location won't be a problem, while my terms are likely to be more competitive compared to local offers. Feel free to contact me and we will surely do something cool together!


My Skills

Quantifying skills is always hard, but hopefully this chart will give you a better idea of what I'm good at.

  • Photoshop 85%

  • Natural Light Photography 90%

  • Studio Photography 80%

  • Motion Video 70%

Why Choose Me?

Approaching each client and project individually is the way I work. Whether a simple portfolio portrait shoot or a complex studio project for a particular product, my main goal is to give you the best results at a reasonable price. That's why we can always work things out to your benefit.
While I don't label myself as a pro photographer, my work philosophy is that of a strict professional. I always strive to provide the client with the result he's looking for regardless of how many takes or itterations it may take. And no project is too "simple" or "casual" for me - I take them all seriously and strive to give my best whatever I'm doing.
My terms and prices are very flexible and affordable. I tend to charge the client per project, which doesn't restrict the volume or time it takes to finish. International clients interested in getting their products shot will often find it more affordble to send their products to me rather than go local, especially those locate in large urban areas. Models can benefit from TFP conditions on a regular basis.

My Services


Portrait, landscape, promo, studio, product, experimental - just name it. Though, I don't do weddings, sorry.

Motion Video

Give it a dynamic and artistic touch - let me shoot a video for you.


Retouching is an integral part of a photographer's work and I strive to make the results look as natural and unobtrussive as possible.

Let's work together and you'll like the results.