At last, it's here! I've been thinking about a major overhaul of my site for some time now. But as with many other things, it seemed like something that could be done some other time. Month after month I've been postponing this work, finding more urgent tasks to deal with. But a certain point I found that my old site could not reflect all the current range of my works. And here we are.

To be honest, it took me longer to finalize this new version of the site than I was expecting in the first place. Despite the fact that it's based on a commercial theme I bought earlier, it required me to dust off some basic html-edititng skills - something I haven't done well since high school. Messy, I know. But it serves its purpose perfectly, and I'm rather happy with the results. So what's next?

What to expect from this site

Like the previous version, this site will mainly be used as an online portfolio, a place where you can browse through the main highlights of my work. I'll be updating the portfolio every now and then. However, for the bulk of new shots and personal interactions I will keep using social networks such as Facebook. So if you're interested in extensive set posts and would like to comment, you're welcome to follow the respective links. Still, you will also be able to reach me through this site as well, since it's linked directly to my personal email.

I'm really looking forward for what's to come in the future. There are many new things I want to try in term of photography and many interesting people I've done arrangements to work with. But only time will tell how fruitful these endeavours will turn out to be. Until then - stay tuned!